About Us

At GRH, we understand the importance of efficient project management & surveying. We know that time is money and recognise the need to keep your plant and projects running on schedule. It is the key to maintaining optimum production capability. Our business partners possess the same professional values and integrity as we do. We have associations with civil engineering companies, geotects, sewer and water contractors, designers/draftsmen, project managers, private certifiers ,councils and service locators. Partnering with GRH will give you the edge when it comes to a ‘complete’ support package for your next project.

Paul, Corey, Peter & Graham. Part of a dedicated team using the latest Topcon GPS/Total and Leica Total Stations Instruments.

Each unit has there own laptop computer running the current Civilcad software for any onsite changes or updated design issues.

Latest Leica Total Station.

Detailed Surveys can also be suppied with a DTM model if required.

Works as Executed (WAE) surveys.


The Lastest Leica one man total station in use.

Roof Mounted Topcon GPS for large area surveys.

Large subdivision survey setout.

Volumes calculated for monthly claims and checks carried out on works in progress.

Large pavement areas with full QA plan reviews and readouts.